Ceremonial and Canadian Symbols Promotion

Our mission:

The objectives of the State Ceremonial and Canadian Symbols Program, within the State Ceremonial and Protocol Directorate, are:

  • to enable the Minister of Canadian Heritage to fulfil his/her statutory obligations in State Ceremonial; this mission is particularly relevant in the context of the overall mandate of the State Ceremonial and Corporate Events Directorate to promote pride in Canada; and
  • to actively encourage the participation of Canadians in the celebration of their country and, in the process, to heighten an awareness of and pride in Canada by increasing their knowledge of its institutions, heritage, symbols, citizenship, culture and values.

Main activities:

The main activities of State Ceremonial and Canadian Symbols are the following:

  • advice on matters of protocol and ceremonial;
  • organization of national ceremonies;
  • royal visits; State Funerals and Installation of Governors General;
  • book of precedence;
  • national Flag of Canada Day;
  • protection and promotion of national symbols;
  • administration of the Government of Canada responsibilities with regard to the Lieutenant Governors;
  • reinforcement of constitutional links with the institutions of the Canadian Monarchy;
  • administration of the Government of Canada Gift Bank;
  • coordination of activities on Parliament Hill;
  • coordination of protocol components of the shows on July 1 on Parliament Hill;
  • administration of the annual allotment of promotional material to Parliamentarians.

Description of activities