Coordination of protocol components of July 1 daytime celebrations on Parliament Hill and liaison with National Capital Commission

The Program assumes direct responsibility for the protocol components of the daytime celebrations broadcast by CBC from Parliament Hill at 12:00 noon on July 1. Such responsibility involves a myriad of arrangements including liaison with the production house, coordination with other participating departments and agencies, on-site logistical arrangements and so forth.

Increasingly, the daytime show has been positioned in the context of the larger Canada Day message, encompassing both shows (daytime and evening) from the nation's capital as well as special celebrations in the provinces and territories. Each year, all regions of the country, as well as our bilingual and multicultural character, are profiled during the noon-time show.

In the National Capital Region, the Program works closely with the National Capital Commission in developing a program and promotional package for day-long celebrations. Key components of this package are the daytime celebrations (l2:00 noon) and evening show (9:00 p.m.) that are broadcast live on national television from Parliament Hill.