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The community sector is one of the three pillars of Canadian society, along with public and private sectors. Our quality of life, our economic strength and vitality of our democratic institutions depend on the strength of these interdependent sectors and their mutual support.

While encouraging dialogue between the community and government departments, the agreements promote a more effective and satisfactory partnership to the community and the government. The text defines the cooperation beyond the direct financial support to community organizations and outlines the responsibilities of both sides. The agreements also respond to the need to update our governance practices to reflect the findings and recommendations from recent evaluation exercises.

Cooperation agreements frame the investments made under the Collaboration with the community sector program sub-component which aims to support community involvement in their development and enhance the ability of organizations to act.

Specifically, the agreements aim to ensure the establishment of mechanisms necessary to:

  • Identify community development issues;
  • Establish priorities for action and outcomes;
  • Target intradepartmental, interdepartmental and intergovernmental interventions;
  • Take advantage of community knowledge in guiding funding decisions and the development of public policies and programs;
  • Optimize business processes and assess the state of collaboration between the parties.

The table below lists the latest Cooperation agreements signed with the communities.

Cooperation Agreements - communities2010
Newfoundland & Labrador [ PDF Version, 116 KB ] (archived)
Prince Edward Island [ PDF Version, 127 KB ] (archived)
New-Brunswick [ PDF Version, 96 KB] (archived)
Nova Scotia [ PDF Version, 160 KB] (archived)
Quebec [PDF Version, 128 KB] (archived)
Ontario [ PDF Version, 84 KB ] (archived)
Manitoba [ PDF Version, 102 KB] (archived)

[PDF Version, 83 KB] (archived)


[PDF Version, 88 KB ] (archived)

British Columbia [PDF Version, 34 KB] (archived)
Northwest Territories [ PDF Version, 77 KB] (archived)
Nunavut [ PDF Version, 72 KB] (archived)


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