International Relations

Two people at a desk with a globe

The primary responsibility of the International Relations Directorate is the coordination and advancement of the Government of Canada's perspectives on the international dialogue on cultural diversity initiated several years ago. The Directorate also houses the International Network on Cultural Policy's Liaison Bureau.


Influencing the international environment in a manner that complements and supports national cultural policy objectives:

  • advancing Canada's perspectives in the international dialogue on cultural diversity.

Contributing to Canada's foreign policy objectives:

  • sharing Canadian Heritage perspectives and expertise at multilateral conferences and meetings, and through bilateral missions;
  • shaping the evolution and development of international agreements;
  • strengthening international peace and human security;
  • reaching out to the developing world: building capacity and contributing to human development.

Sharing the Canadian diversity model, values and expertise, and benefiting from the best the world has to offer:

  • providing support to the development and coordination of the international agendas for the Minister of Canadian Heritage, the Minister for Sport and the Minister for La Francophonie and Official Languages;
  • supporting the development of agendas for visiting international delegations;
  • learning from the world – contributing to Canadian policy and program development.