Regional Offices

Canadian Heritage’s five regional offices and numerous provincial and district access points play a key role in delivering the Department’s program and services.

Overview of Regional Operations

Canadian Heritage’s regional and district access points assist the Department in achieving its objectives by:

  • Communicating with citizens.
    • Regions reach out to communities and stakeholders in pursuit of the Department’s full range of objectives. They also respond to public enquiries and provide information about departmental activities and programs.
  • Delivering programs and services
    • Regions ensure that programs are accessible, relevant and client-centred. Regions manage 90 percent of all grant application files received by Canadian Heritage and 59 percent of all contribution applications. They provide advice and assistance to community organizations and applicants for funding and often play a brokerage role, increasing the impact of Canadian Heritage funding by leveraging funds from provincial and regional partners.
  • Maintaining relationships with provincial and regional institutions
    • Regions work collaboratively with other federal departments and Canadian Heritage portfolio agencies and are active participants in ensuring horizontal policy and program coordination through Federal Regional Councils (committees of senior federal officials in each province/territory).
  • Gathering and analyzing intelligence and providing advice
    • Regions gather and analyze the information necessary to develop informed policy and relevant programs reflective of Canada’s diversity.
Map of Canada showing the locations of Canadian Heritage offices. Text description located under the Regional Offices heading that follows.

Regional Offices Contact Information

Please select from the following links to contact one of our regional offices. Otherwise, contact our National Headquarters or visit our frequently asked questions.

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